While almond flavoring and poppy seeds might not seem like an obvious combination, they are perfection in this delightful recipe.

Almond and Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

Recipe Source: Country Living

  • 15 min prep
  • 50 min cook
  • Beginner

This delightful dessert bread boasts not only poppy seeds but also just the right amount of almond flavoring. When baked, the entire loaf gets a generous coating of an almond glaze.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

Traditionally, lemon and poppy seeds go together, so it might seem a bit strange to have almond flavors as well as poppy seeds in the same recipe. However, this recipe does it flawlessly- the end result is a perfectly flavored loaf that proves that those two ingredients go together. The bread was rather dense but was the perfect amount of spongy. It might look like a loaf of bread, but trust us- this is a dessert bread, albeit a delicious one.

One of the best things about this bread is that it is fairly frugal to make. All of the ingredients (with the exception of perhaps the almond extract) are ones found in the average well-stocked kitchen, so it should cost under a couple of dollars to make this recipe. That isn’t bad for such a delicious bread!

This bread is so delicious that we recommend making a double batch and freezing one for another time. Just be sure to pull the frozen bread out ahead of time and glaze it right before serving. It might take a few extra minutes to prepare the extra loaf, but trust us when we say you ought to do so- you will be glad you did.

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