Garlic Butter Smashed Potatoes

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It is never too late to try the new trendy way to eat potatoes- smashed and loaded with herbs!

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Grilled Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter

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Take corn on the cob to the next level with this delightful recipe by Damn Delicious.

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One Pan Mexican Quinoa

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A perfect side dish or entree, this quinoa will pair well with all sorts of  Mexican food.

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Refried Beans

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These refried beans taste like they came straight from your favorite Mexican restaurant.

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Cilantro Lime Rice

By |2020-03-14T19:17:09+00:00February 27, 2019|

Because it pairs well with any Mexican food, this cilantro lime rice is the perfect side dish.

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Pico De Gallo

By |2020-03-14T19:17:14+00:00February 24, 2019|

This wonderful pico de gallo is a quintessential recipe for all Mexican food lovers.

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Skillet Hasselback Potatoes

By |2020-03-14T19:17:29+00:00February 17, 2019|

All hasselback potato lovers will enjoy this recipe and its beautiful flavor.

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Homemade Cranberry Orange Sauce

By |2020-03-14T19:17:43+00:00February 11, 2019|

Perfect to go with Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, this cranberry sauce is the perfect combination of tart and sweet.

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Best Ever Wild Rice Stuffing

By |2020-03-15T02:16:48+00:00February 9, 2019|

The fall side-dish you didn’t know you needed, this wild rice stuffing is guaranteed to please everyone with its wonderful ingredients and flavor.

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