Stuck on whether to eat in or order out? Try this recipe and find out just how easy it is to make Asian food!

Chicken Fried Rice

Recipe Source: Cooking Classy

  • 10 min prep
  • 15 min cook
  • Intermediate

Better than take-out, this Asian dish can be prepared in under thirty minutes and consists of a medley of rice, chicken, vegetables, and sauce.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

The taste of this fried rice rivals that of any fast food chain or restaurant. Although this dish may be simple, it contains all of the right flavors and ingredients, thus making it Pinworthy. This recipe can be customized by adding different sauces to give it extra flavor, make it spicy, and more. Also, different vegetables may be substituted according to preference.

Asian food oftentimes carries the stigma that it is complicated or difficult to make. With this recipe, Cooking Classy walks her readers through making classic fried rice from scratch. She provides easy-to-follow instructions that truly help this recipe be fool-proof.

Another wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is frugal to make. It should cost under ten dollars to prepare this recipe, and many of the ingredients, such as the rice and soy sauce, can be used in other recipes.

Kitchen Tools We Used

In our kitchen, we vet every tool we use for quality, ease of use, and cost. Here are some of the tools we used that you’ll find helpful when preparing this recipe.

  • Calphalon Contemporary 13" Nonstick Deep Skillet (via Amazon)
  • Calphalon Contemporary 2.5 Qt Shallow Sauce Pan (via Amazon)

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