Forget about going out to eat- this homemade salad is restaurant-worthy.

Chicken Shawarma Tabbouleh Salad

Recipe Source: Jo Cooks

  • 60 min prep
  • 40 min cook
  • Intermediate

In this delightful recipe, chicken shawarma and tabbouleh come together to form the perfect salad. Fancy enough to come from a restaurant, it’s almost a shock that it can be made in the kitchen.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

It truly doesn’t get much better than this salad. With an authentic Middle Eastern flair, it combines two wonderful dishes into one- and the results are near perfection. The meat was fabulous- it was the perfect combination of juicy and flavorful, and it was the best homemade shawarma meat we’ve tried. The tabbouleh salad is everything it should be, and it paired well with the chicken and other toppings.

Still on the fence? Although this salad does take a bit of time to prepare, most of it can be made ahead of time- tabbouleh actually tastes better when it’s had time to to chill and soften up in the refrigerator. The chicken can also be made in advance and simply reheated when it is time to serve the salad. Say hello to your new favorite weeknight meal!

The ingredient list for this recipe might seem long, but most of it is spices that should be found in the average well-stocked kitchen. Most of the produce can be found at a grocery store, however the bulgur wheat (or our recommendation of cracked wheat) can be found at a specialty store or Mediterranean market.

Kitchen Tools We Used

In our kitchen, we vet every tool we use for quality, ease of use, and cost. Here are some of the tools we used that you’ll find helpful when preparing this recipe.

  • Calphalon Contemporary 2.5 Qt Shallow Sauce Pan (via Amazon)
  • OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowl Set (via Amazon)

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