This homemade green bean casserole boasts fresh ingredients and a homemade cream sauce.

Creamy Green Bean Casserole from Scratch

Recipe Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

  • 30 min prep
  • 25 min cook
  • Intermediate

This green bean casserole is not your grandma’s recipe… or even your mom’s. Made entirely from scratch, this slightly healthier recipe boasts fresh ingredients and a hearty cream sauce.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

For all green bean casserole fans, this recipe is a must-try. Let all eaters be warned, however- while this recipe boasts a lot of the same flavor as the traditional Thanksgiving dish, the fact that it is made from scratch turns it into a completely different recipe. Everything from the breaded onions on top to the cream sauce is made from scratch, and the end result is a tastier and fresher tasting side dish.

This recipe could be considered a lightened up version of the traditional dish. Instead of using processed ingredients that come from cans, this recipe boasts fresh vegetables and onions as well as a homemade cream sauce.

There is no denying that this recipe requires more effort than traditional green bean casserole, yet it is worth it. This casserole has a less mushy texture and boasts better flavors. Additionally, it looks lovely once baked- the green beans remain vibrant and give the dish a beautiful look.

Kitchen Tools We Used

In our kitchen, we vet every tool we use for quality, ease of use, and cost. Here are some of the tools we used that you’ll find helpful when preparing this recipe.

  • OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll 10×15" (via Amazon)
  • Cuisanart 5.5 Qt Stainless Steel Pot with Cover (via Amazon)
  • Calphalon Contemporary 13" Nonstick Deep Skillet (via Amazon)

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