Thanks to this recipe, it is now easy to make restaurant-worthy tiramisu at home.

Easy No-Bake Tiramisu

Recipe Source: Averie Cooks

  • 3.5 hrs prep
  • 0 min cook
  • Beginner

Preparing this dessert involves layering pound cake, a combination of Kahlua and espresso, and a mascarpone cream mixture before topping it all with cocoa powder.

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If you are looking for an easy-to-make tiramisu recipe that makes for a perfectly flavored dessert, look no further- this recipe is what you’re looking for. This recipe uses pound cake instead of ladyfingers, but all of the other ingredients are present in perfect amounts. The cake has just the right amount of espresso and coffee liquor flavorings, and the mascarpone cream is truly delightful.

Like the title boasts, this recipe is truly easy to make. Instead of fussing with ladyfingers, it uses a sliced up pound cake as a base. Even the mascarpone cream mixture is easy to make and just involves beating a handful of ingredients to stiff peaks. After that, it is a simple process of layering cake, coffee and Kahlua, and mascarpone cream.

This is a fantastic dessert to make ahead of time and have chill in the refrigerator until it is time to serve it. Because of this, it is the perfect dessert to serve to company- and we can guarantee it will impress them.

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