Forget about buying granola bars- these are easy to make and way more delicious than the store-bought kind.

No-Bake Granola Bars

Recipe Source: Marsha's Baking Addiction

  • 20 min prep
  • 0 min cook
  • Beginner

Making homemade granola bars has never been easier- these are a simple matter of mixing together ingredients, pressing the granola in a pan, and chilling it until they are ready to be cut.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

Because we love homemade granola bars so much, we are determined to try as many recipes as we can. However, there are lots of bad granola bar recipes out there- it is hard to get the right combination of liquids and solids just right so that not only do the granola bars taste good but also hold up like they should. There is nothing worse than making a granola bar recipe where the final result is more like a crumbly granola.

We are pleased to announce that these granola bars were absolutely delicious. Peanut butter, honey, and vanilla extract is always a winning combination, and they paired well with the other ingredients. Forget about buying store-bought granola bars- these taste way better.

They also passed the test of being the right consistency. These granola bars were delightfully chewy but also firm enough that they didn’t crumble a bunch. After chilling the granola, it was actually fairly easy to cut them into bars- a rare feat.

If you are still on the fence about making these, then consider this- it is actually cheaper to make homemade granola bars as compared to buying them. For about six dollars, one can make about two to three batches of these granola bars. That is an incredibly good price for a delicious (and healthy) homemade snack.

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