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Our Team

Anyone who regularly uses Pinterest knows how popular food and recipe pins are on the site. With beautiful pictures, cutesy names, and easy access to the source recipe, it just makes sense for busy moms and weekend bakers look to Pinterest for new food ideas.

Unfortunately, most Pinterest users are also intimately familiar with the infamous “failed pin”. We’ve all found a delicious meal or dessert pin promising we can become the next Gordon Ramsey, so we decide to try it. We spend $20 grabbing the ingredients, an hour preparing it, and then… the resulting disaster looks something our kids dropped on the floor.

According to 2017 stats published by Pinterest, there are over 15,000,000,000 food related pins on Pinterest. And that number grows 21% each year. That means there are 2.5 billion more entree, dessert, appetizer, beverage, etc. pins this year than there were last year.

We test hundreds of Pinterest recipes to bring you recipes that actually cook, bake, look, and taste like they are supposed to.

So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you find recipes you can make that won’t waste your time, money, and patience?

We started Pinworthy Kitchen to address that specific problem. Pinworthy Kitchen is a test kitchen solely devoted to testing Pinterest pins. Every recipe you find on the site has been prepared in our kitchen, served to our taste testers, reviewed, and voted “Pinworthy”.


Our Team

Katherine Schneider
Katherine SchneiderHead Baker & Chef
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Clint Schneider
Clint SchneiderWebmaster & Photographer
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