All hasselback potato lovers will enjoy this recipe and its beautiful flavor.

Skillet Hasselback Potatoes

Recipe Source: Southern Lady

  • 30 min prep
  • 90 min cook
  • Intermediate

In this recipe, thinly sliced potatoes and shallots are arranged in a pan before being topped with melted butter, fresh thyme, and more.

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What Makes This Pinworthy?

This is one of the best potato recipes we’ve tested here at Pinworthy Kitchen. Fresh thyme is a must- it adds such beautiful flavor to an already wonderful dish. The potatoes tend to caramelize a bit while baking, making them impossibly tender and delicious. If you’re looking for a dish that will impress guests and make everyone have seconds, this is the recipe for you.

At a glace, this dish might seem hard to put together, but it is actually quite easy to assemble. The most difficult part of this recipe is having the patience to thinly slice the potatoes- after that, it is a simple matter of stacking them up in the pan.

As far as side dishes go, this one is fairly frugal- it should cost about five dollars to make. Most of the ingredients, aside from the potatoes and thyme, can be found in the average well-stocked kitchen.

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